Early Years French/Spanish 

Our Early Years class consists of students who must be 2 years old before or on the first day of school. The class has a Monday/Wednesday/Friday option from 9:00am-12:00pm, a Tuesday/Thursday option from 9:00am-12:00pm, or a Monday through Friday option (everyday) from 9:00am-12:00pm. (No previous French or Spanish exposure is required)


Reading & Writing Foundations:

Alphabet letter decorating

Identifying objects that start with a letter

Singing about letters

Tracing letters


Math & Number Sense:

Counting objects using fingers

Rote counting to 5 / 10

Playing with shapes



Using tactile objects (such as sand, balls, sponges, etc.) to paint


Drawing straight lines

Primary color recognition

Printing with leaves, stamps, shapes, and other objects



Searching for objects in a box of sand

Examining natural objects

"What will happen next?" experiments (for example, "What will happen when I put a an eye dropper of vinegar in the baking soda?")


Social studies:

Community rules

Family roles (mom, dad, brother, sister)

French/Spanish Preschool

Our Preschool instructs students who will be 3 years old before the start of school or students who are already four years old. Students should preferably be potty-trained or in the process of being potty-trained. The class meets each weekday morning from 9:00am - 12:00pm. (No previous French or Spanish exposure is required)


In our preschool program, students are introduced to or reinforce their French or Spanish language skills. Sample activities include the following:



Object counting up to 10, rote counting up to 29

Extending number recognition up to 29

Geometric shapes, patterns, sequences, size comparison



Name recognition & writing

Uppercase letter / phoneme recognition & writing

Introductory word recognition & reading skills



Development of scientific inquiry (“What do you think will happen?”)

Observation of natural materials (e.g., apples, water/ice, leaves)

Learning about animal and plant life cycles


Gross & Fine Motor Skills

Pincer grip (holding a pencil)

Tracing, writing using sensory materials (e.g., sand & chalk)

Jumping with one foot, running & walking, etc.



Painting with brushes, hands, corks, and other materials

Cutting & pasting projects

Fostering creativity through diverse subjects and approaches

French/Spanish Pre-K & Kindergarten

Our Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten programs serve students turning 4 (Pre-K) & 5 (K) years old before the start of school. The class meets each weekday afternoon from 1:00pm-4:00pm. No previous exposure to French or Spanish is required.

In this program, our students tell stories and speak in full phrases that approach fluency. The academic program is designed to provide a challenging and yet exciting curriculum that will prepare students for first grade and beyond. 


Students will count up to 69 and will learn beginning place value concepts

Students will master pattern and sequencing skills as well as more advanced geometric shape recognition

Students will begin graphing and comparing data


Students develop word recognition skills and begin working towards reading books

Students write in lowercase letters and begin learning cursive

Students learn spelling rules and sound clusters (“ou,” “an,” “oi”)


Students begin to make hypotheses (guesses) about experiment outcomes

Students study a variety of subjects including space, rainbows, weather, electricity

Students learn to make detailed observations using all five senses

Gross & Fine Motor Skills

Students master the pincer grip and can write precisely

Students use scissors and glue accurately

Students run, walk, skip, gallop, jump with one or both feet effortlessly


Students plan and execute their own paintings using a variety of materials

Students choose subjects or draw inspiration from other works of art

Students evaluate art and recognize style

Enrichment Care Program / Full Day

Our Enrichment Care Program serves current students ages 2-6 who are not enrolled in a full time Language Program and is offered daily from 7:30am-5:30pm. The Enrichment Care Program is a supplemental program to our Core Language Classes and children will do activities that reinforce what they have learned in their target language classroom. This program provides the students with a unique opportunity to further engage in French or Spanish with outside community members, organizations or groups. Each week a unique opportunity like yoga, cardio, pottery, cooking classes, or gardening will be included into the Enrichment care program for those enrolled in the afternoon language classes (Pre-K/K). 


Early Arrival: Students can arrive as early as 7:30 am. This program runs Monday through Friday from 7:30-9 am. Breakfast will be provided if the student arrives before 8:10AM. 


Morning Care: Students who are enrolled in Pre-K/K programs can receive additional instruction Monday through Friday from 9 am -12 pm. The activities reflect the theme and content of their respective afternoon Pre-K/K language program. 


Lunch Care: Students can eat lunch and stay with us for an hour before or after their class. This program runs from 12-1PM. There are options to stay Monday/Wednesday/Friday or Tuesday/Thursday or Monday through Friday. Either the child can bring their own lunch or the Language Tree can provide it. If The Language Tree provides lunch, there is an additional fee as it is catered by Hy-Vee. 


Afternoon Care: Students who are enrolled in Early Years or Preschool can receive additional care Monday through Friday from 1-4 pm. During this period, all children under the age of 4 will have a rest period/nap time. After nap time, a snack is served. 


Evening Care: Students can stay as late as 5:30 pm. This program runs Monday through Friday from 4-5:30 pm. 


Graduate French/Spanish Program

Our Graduate Program serves elementary-school-aged students and meets two weekdays after school who have previous experience and exposure to the target language. This is not for novice or new learners. 


Students will continue to reinforce the French or Spanish speaking and reading skills that they have built over the past several years. The focus of this program is linguistic, though the students read about a variety of topics.


Tuesdays are primarily for Kindergartens and 1st graders

Students read from a French or Spanish reading curriculum and develop reading skills through practicing sight words and sounding out unfamiliar words.


Thursdays are primarily for 2nd to 5th graders. 

Students focus on comprehension and writing the words they have learned previously in their curriculum. 

Summer Camps

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