Amel Kacem

 Graduate Teacher

Nancy Flores

 Graduate Teacher

Our Graduate Program serves elementary-school-aged students and meets two weekdays after school who have previous experience and exposure to the target language. This is not for novice or new learners. 


Students will continue to reinforce the French or Spanish speaking and reading skills that they have built over the past several years. The focus of this program is linguistic, though the students read about a variety of topics.  Our Graduate Programs meet from 4:15pm - 5:15pm on T/Th.


Tuesdays are primarily for Kindergartens and 1st graders

Students read from a French or Spanish reading curriculum and develop reading skills through practicing sight words and sounding out unfamiliar words.


Thursdays are primarily for 2nd to 5th graders. 

Students focus on comprehension and writing the words they have learned previously in their curriculum. 

Graduate Programs

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