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Stephanie Hayes.JPG

Stéphanie bouchard-Hayes
Head French Teacher Preschool-PreK/K

Daniela Rivera.JPG

Daniela Gracia
Head Spanish Teacher

Hesell Sanchez.JPG

Hessell Sanchez
Head Spanish Teacher

Lorena Gil .JPG

Lorena Gil
Assistant Spanish Teacher

Our Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten programs serve students turning 4 (Pre-K) & 5 (K) years old before the start of school. The class meets each weekday afternoon from 1:00pm-4:00pm. No previous exposure to French or Spanish is required.

In this program, our students tell stories and speak in full phrases that approach fluency. The academic program is designed to provide a challenging and yet exciting curriculum that will prepare students for first grade and beyond. 


Students will count up to 69 and will learn beginning place value concepts

Students will master pattern and sequencing skills as well as more advanced geometric shape recognition

Students will begin graphing and comparing data


Students develop word recognition skills and begin working towards reading books

Students write in lowercase letters and begin learning cursive

Students learn spelling rules and sound clusters (“ou,” “an,” “oi”)


Students begin to make hypotheses (guesses) about experiment outcomes

Students study a variety of subjects including space, rainbows, weather, electricity

Students learn to make detailed observations using all five senses

Gross & Fine Motor Skills

Students master the pincer grip and can write precisely

Students use scissors and glue accurately

Students run, walk, skip, gallop, jump with one or both feet effortlessly


Students plan and execute their own paintings using a variety of materials

Students choose subjects or draw inspiration from other works of art

Students evaluate art and recognize style

Pre-K & Kindergarten French & Spanish

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