Stèphanie Hayes
Head preschool french

Virginie Peebler
Asst. preschool french

Lorena Gil
Asst. preschool Spanish

Daniela Rivera 
Head preschool Spanish

Our Preschool instructs students who will be 3 years old before the start of school or students who are already four years old. Students should preferably be potty-trained or in the process of being potty-trained. The class meets each weekday morning from 9:00am - 12:00pm. (No previous French or Spanish exposure is required)


In our preschool program, students are introduced to or reinforce their French or Spanish language skills. Sample activities include the following:



Object counting up to 10, rote counting up to 29

Extending number recognition up to 29

Geometric shapes, patterns, sequences, size comparison



Name recognition & writing

Uppercase letter / phoneme recognition & writing

Introductory word recognition & reading skills



Development of scientific inquiry (“What do you think will happen?”)

Observation of natural materials (e.g., apples, water/ice, leaves)

Learning about animal and plant life cycles


Gross & Fine Motor Skills

Pincer grip (holding a pencil)

Tracing, writing using sensory materials (e.g., sand & chalk)

Jumping with one foot, running & walking, etc.



Painting with brushes, hands, corks, and other materials

Cutting & pasting projects

Fostering creativity through diverse subjects and approaches

French & Spanish Preschool

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